Principal of Caroline Career & Technology Center Mr. Gene Smith
Principal Information
Gene Smith

The vision of the Caroline Career and Technology Center is to enhance the educational outcomes for all students by developing students who have 21st century skills who are College and Career ready.

The goal of the Career and Technology Center is to produce students who are productive citizens who are contributing members of society and who are equipped with the skills and knowledge to have a high quality of life.

Students with 21st century skills believe that hard work and effort lead to success and achievement. They are students who can think critically and problem solve. They are goal oriented and able to work collaboratively as part of a team. They are individuals who value diversity and are culturally knowledgeable. They are individuals with the skills to be problem solvers who can analyze and access information and come up with viable solutions. They are effective communicators in speech and writing. They possess higher order thinking skills with the imagination and curiosity to look at new and innovative solutions. They are students ready to compete in the 21st century world and are ready for the challenges of career and college.