"A Night of One Acts"

Show dates:

March 6th at 7:30 PM
March 7th at 5:30 PM
March 13th at 7:30 PM
March 14th at 5:30 PM


at the

North Caroline High School Auditorium
10990 River Road
Ridgely Md 21660

Action News: Now With 10% More Action!

By Jonathan Rand

Directed By Layna Bedo

Produced by special arrangements with Playscripts, Inc. (www.playscripts.com) 1 acts

Genre: Comedy

Length: One Act


Welcome to WOMG Action News, the most trusted news team since the invention of trust, news, and teams. Join lead anchors Babs Buttlebee and Jim Pickles as they usher us through tonight's top stories -- from adorable killer puppies, to Apocalypse status updates, to an old man grumbling about old man things. Tune in to WOMG Action News! Or don't and suffer the consequences...


So You Wanna Be a Cheerleader

A short comedy by M. G. Davidson

Directed by Abigail Gower

Produced by special arrangements with Playscripts, Inc. (www.playscripts.com)

Genre: Comedy

Length: One Act


When cheerleading captain Britney and her three squad members Britnee, Brittani, and, uh, Kevin...realize they have to find a fifth squad member to be eligible to compete at Nationals, they decide to hold tryouts to see who in their school is up to the challenge. After a series of terrible tryouts, each one more hilarious and absurd than the last, it's clear that everyone wants to be a cheerleader. But how can you choose from a talent pool that includes a football player with a head injury, a nerd with a vendetta, and many other... unusual characters. This screwball comedy asks the eternal question of our time: So You Wanna Be a Cheerleader?

The Fall and Rise of Agapatus

Written and directed by Samuel Harper

Genre: Drama

Length: One Act


Agapatus was a cruel and dishonest man. He stole, killed, and destroyed. One day the God of beasts, Typhon, appears to him and tells Agapatus that he must go through four trials to be forgiven for his sins. Agapatus will face near death, challenging opponents, and his own sins to get through these trials. This adventure will take everything Agapatus has to even survive. This will be known as the day a thief becomes a hero.