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A Night of One Acts

Show dates: January 21st & 22nd

Among the Invited Ghosts

Created By: Jerome M. Beach

Genre: Mystery Comedy

Synopsis: Willie Baxter loves to write ghost stories. Willie's friends think that he spends too much time writing, so they try to scare him to never write ghost stories again.

Homeland Security

Created By: Ethan Coen

Distributed by: Dramatists Play Service

Genre: Drama

Humpty Dumpty is Missing!

Created By: Joseph Robinette

Distributed by: Dramatics

Genre: Mystery Comedy

Synopsis: Sammy Scoop is a private investigator in the tradition of his grandfather, Samuel Shovel and his father, Sam Spade. Sammy faces the biggest challenge of his illustrious career with the sudden fall and disappearance of the jolly Humpty-Dumpty who apparently had no enemies. But Sammy and his sidekick, Alice from Dallas, soon come up with a list of suspects who had motive and, perhaps, opportunity. Mistress Mary, Rip Van Winkle, Henny-Penny, Peter Rabbit and his sisters, Rapunzel and the Handsome Prince (who, because he is a painter, prefers to be called the Artist Formerly Known As the Handsome Prince) are among the many suspects called onto the carpet.

Ledge, Ledger, and the Legend

Created By: Paul Elliot

Distributed by: Dramatics

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: This show begins dramatically when Peter crawls out onto a ledge prepared to jump. There he meets J.M., a professional suicide counselor who will make sure that Peter goes out in style. J.M. guides Peter through all the problems of a successful suicide- how to obtain a crowd, how to hold the audience, how to build tension, how to obtain television coverage and, finally, when and how to jump. Then a rival suicide counselor appears. P.J. reveals that J.M. is a bust as a suicide counsel or he's fouled up every suicide attempt he's had. For example, there was the client who wanted to electrocute herself and J.M. managed to burn down her whole house - but the old lady came out without a scratch. At this point, Peter asserts himself and the play ends with a humorous reversal.