A Night of One Acts

Show dates: January 31st at 7:30 pm

February 1st at 5:30pm

at the

North Caroline High School Auditorium
10990 River Road
Ridgely Md 21660

4 A.M

By Jonathan Dorf

Produced by special arrangements with Playscripts, Inc. (www.playscripts.com)

Genre: Dramedy

Length: One Act


"What's it like to be awake when the rest of your world is asleep? Meet an early-morning jogger, a radio DJ whose show may have an audience of none, a modern Romeo and Juliet, the author of a most unusual letter, and many other teen characters as they search for connection in the magic hour. Through a series of connected scenes and monologues, join them on their journey as they discover whether ..."

Teen Angel

By D.M. Larson

Produced by special arrangements with www.freedrama.net

Genre: Drama

Length: One Act


Maid to Order

By Matthew K. Beqbie

Produced by special arrangements with Pioneer Drama Sevice, Inc., Englewood, Colorado

Genre: Farce

Length: One Act


" Here’s a farce at its funny and frenetic best!  A wealthy widow, Marcy Mallinger, is expecting her beau for dinner, which means she expects nothing less than perfection from her household staff.  Her disgusting son Gerald, who is 25 years old but still lives with his “mommy,” is attempting to put the moves on the maids, as usual.  Sarah, a recently hired maid, does her best to ignore his overtures so as not to lose her job.  That’s when her brother James shows up, looking for a place to hide.  He’s on the run from a loan shark who wants his money back, and certainly the mobster wouldn’t think to look for him at a mansion.  But wouldn’t you know, Ms. Mallinger’s beau who comes for dinner is the loan shark?!"