A Night of One Acts

Show dates: April 17th at 7:30 pm

April 18th at 5:30 pm

at the

North Caroline High School Auditorium
10990 River Road
Ridgely Md 21660



Play Bill

Murder at the Ballet

By: Jeffery Goffin

Directed by: Erin Bradley

Produced by special arrangements I.E. Clark

Genre: Mystery

Length: Full Length


Babe Archer and the killer-chasers from My Gun Is Pink are at it again. This time the suspect is Babe Archer’s handsome secretary¸ Vernon. The victim is a world-famous ballerina who was a college sweetheart of Vernon’s. When her troupe comes to perform¸ she invites Vernon backstage. During the intermission she is found dead in the green room¸ and Vernon is standing over her holding the murder weapon. It’s an open-and-shut case until Babe Archer comes to his defense. Can she prove that Vernon is innocent? Murder at the Ballet is sort of a sequel to Jeffrey Goffin’s popular My Gun Is Pink. In both¸ the traditional murder-mystery roles have been reversed. Although similar in every other way to the world of detective mysteries of the 1940s¸ in this world women are in charge. The detective¸ the police inspector and other authority figures are women. In contrast¸ the roles usually played by women¸ such as the detective’s secretary¸ are men. The result is a satire on the detective genre and on gender stereotypes. Babe Archer is a Mike Hammer-type—a tough¸ no-nonsense private investigator. Vernon Hopkins is her good-looking private secretary. The police inspector and the rookie cop are women. It all adds up to fun for the performers and their audiences—with a good dose of suspense and fast action blended in. It works for actors and viewers of all ages from junior high to adults.

13 Ways to Screw up Your College Interview

By: Ian McWethy

Directed by Kelsey Dilling

Produced by special arrangements with Playscripts Inc.

Genre: Comedy

Length: One Act


When two college recruiters at a prestigious university need to fill one last spot to keep their jobs, thirteen eccentric, dimwitted and slightly-insane high school seniors are eager to come in for an interview. What seems like a simple task turns into a nightmare when the applicants turn out to be a reality TV star, a practicing vampire, an amateur magician, and others that are much, much worse. Each applicant's interview hilariously illustrates what NOT to do at a college interview.


By KT Curran and The Source Teen Theatre

Produced by special arrangements with Family Plays of Woodstock Illinois.

Genre: Drama

Length: One Act


All through middle school I felt like I was invisible¸” Cathy says as she begins her episode of loneliness. “I’ve got a secret ... I’m a virgin ... is that so terrible?” asks Stephany. “Do you want to know my secret?” asks Ryan. “I am in love. Madly¸ truly¸ deeply in love—with a girl who doesn’t even know I’m alive.” “Who am I? I’m an artist¸ a musician¸ a dreamer¸ a thinker¸ a lover. My passion runs deep.” “Who am I? An awkward child in a large sports-oriented school.” “Mom¸ Dad ... I’m gay.” “Every night before I go to sleep I look out my window and wonder how many families are as screwed up as mine.” Other scenes include social diseases¸ pregnancy¸ incest¸ codependency and suicide.