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French Toast

Created By: Donald Payton

Distributed by: Heuer Publishing

Peformed: Apr 1993

Genre: Comedy

Length: 30 minutes

Cast List :


Synopsis: Stoney is getting married and decides that he is the luckiest guy in the world. He has a good job, a wonderful girl, and a gracious future mother-in-law. Naturally, Stoney’s happy bubble is about to burst. On the eve of his wedding who should arrive but Nanette. Beautiful Nanette cries for joy when she sees Stoney and tells him that she will never leave him again. Stoney is dismayed, he’s never seen this girl before in his life! Stoney decides he must have had an attack of amnesia when Nancy, his future bride, and her mother knock on the door. They forgot mother’s purse. Stoney is frantic. He shoves Nanette into hiding, but there’s more fun than you can imagine as Stoney tries to keep the unpredictable Nanette a secret while Nancy and her mother keep dashing in and out looking for a misplaced handbag.

Director's Note :