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Girl Crazy

Based on the book: Guy Bolton.

Adapted by: Anne Coulter Martens, Newt Mitzman and William Dalzell

Distributed by: Dramatic Publishing

Peformed: Mar 1997

Genre: Comedy


Cast List :


Synopsis: Danny Churchill gets shipped out to the dilapidated family ranch in Arizona because his family thinks a year out there is just what he needs. Danny arrives in a taxi and the bill is astronomic! But how else would you get from New York to Arizona? The caretaker views Danny, appalled. Danny quickly proves he has ideas of his own. He turns the place into a swank dude ranch and soon it's lively enough with eastern girls and singing cowboys. But it's the western girl, not any of the imports, who interests Danny. Just as Molly is beginning to wonder if Danny really means it, another New York visitor arrives. Girl Crazy is packed with scenes that are almost vaudevillian in their speed and humor. Your audiences will delight in the fun of the hypnotism scene, the wonderful scene where the real Indian comes to the aid of the counterfeit Indian, and the comic dialogue in which the taxi driver makes the grim discovery of just why he has been elected sheriff.

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