Welcome to the Video Game Club's Page.

We play video games like Super Smash Bros and plan to host tournaments as well.

Who Are We?

Some of us are from the Digital Media program, but there are many who have never been in a Digital Media class. In total, we're just a bunch of people who like to play video games.

Tournament Information

Tournaments will take place on the last Wednesday of every month. There are snacks and everyone is welcome to participate. The tournaments start after school and end at 4, but if the tournaments don't ended by 4, they will be continued at the next meeting. The tournament trees are randomized.

Recent Videos

Introduction Video

Febuary Smash Tournament Finals

December Smash Tournament

December 9, 2015 Meeting

Previous Tourneys

December Super Smash Bros Melee Single Elimination

Champion: Greg | Brackets

Tournament Brackets

Current Tourney: January-Febuary SSBM Double Elimination