ConstructionMr. Dennis Hall
Dennis Hall

Construction & Design ⋅ Fundamentals of Construction/Design ⋅ Computer Aided Drafting/Design-CADD 1 & 2 ⋅ Residential/Light Com. Construction 1 & 2. This is a designed program of study for juniors and seniors. In this program students acquire information and experience related to hand and power tools, leveling instruments, foundation layout, grades of lumber, floor, wall, and roof construction, fasteners, partitions, insulation, and blueprint reading. Building a modular classroom in Levels I and II is an integral part of the course. Students may elect construction or computer aided drafting. Articulation pending with Del Tech.

Fundamentals of Construction/Design
Residential/Light Com. Construction 1

We teach the build blocks for construction and design, Basic Safety, Introduction to Construction math, Introduction to hand tools, Introduction to power tools, Introduction to construction drawings, Basic communication skills, Basic employability skills and materials handling. There will be time spent in the shop working on individual jobs and group projects.

We teach Basic safety, Orientation to the trade, Building materials, Fasteners, and Adhesives, Hand and power tools, Floor systems, and Wall and Ceiling Framing, . There will be time spent in the shop working on individual jobs and group projects.

Residential/Light Com. Construction 2
Computer Aided Drafting/Design-CADD 1

We will review basic safety of shop and tool use. We will teach Reading Plans and Elevations, Roof Framing, Introduction to Concrete materials and forms, Windows and Exterior doors, and Basic stair layout. There will be time spent in the shop working on individual jobs and group projects.

We teach the from the beginning how to enter into AutoCAD, How to draw basic shapes and lines, How access the tool and ribbon bars of AutoCAD. Basic object commands, Lines standards and layers, View tools and basic plotting, Object snap and auto track, Construction tools and multiview drawling's, Text styles and multiline text, Single line text and additional text tools, Modifying objects, Arranging and pattering objects, Grips, Properties and additional selection techniques, Polyline and spline editing tools and obtaining drawing information.

Computer Aided Drafting/Design-CADD 2

We teach Dimension standards and styles, Linear and angular dimensioning, Dimensioning features and alternate practices, Dimensioning with tolerances, Editing dimensions, Tables, Parametric drafting, Section views and graphic patterns, Standard blocks, Block attributes, Introduction to dynamic blocks, Additional dynamic block tools, Layout setup, Plotting layouts, and Annotative objects.