Culinary Mr. Larry Ogden

The Culinary Arts provides the student with the basics of food prep and hospitality service. The students have hands-on experience making soups, stocks, sauces; preparing meat, poultry and seafood, and many other aspects of cooking.

The students also learn about safety, sanitation and knife handling skills. Part of the course focuses on nutritional science and multi-cultural cuisine. The program offers several field trips to food related venues. It is a great stepping stone for those interested in the hospitality industry as a career or a part time job.

Food Service Professional I
Food Service Professional II

This course provides an introduction to the food service and hospitality industry. Students develop and demonstrate skills in safe and sanitary food handling and preparation techniques. Students learn to prepare a variety of foods. They develop a broad understanding of the variety of career options available in the food service and hospitality industry, and have the opportunity to earn the ServSafe Credential.

Students enrolled this course will continue to prepare a variety of foods. They will create menus and demonstrate various types of restaurant service. They will apply purchasing techniques and demonstrate and understanding of inventory monitoring and control. Students will have the opportunity for an authentic, mentored work-based learning experience.

Food Service Professional Practicum

This course provides students the opportunity to further refine and apply skills that support all aspects of the industry. It will assist in preparing students for employment and advancement in the field of hospitality and food and beverage management.