Guidance Counselor Mr. Brad Plutschak
Guidance Counselor Information
Brad Plutschak
Email: Phone: (410) 479-0100

The Counseling Center at CCTC is available to all students at CCTC as well as those middle and high school students who are enrolled in the Caroline Alternative program. The counselor, Mr. Plutschak, works closely with students concerning their needs while at CCTC. He and the home school counselors continually collaborate to serve their mutual students.

The Career Internship program is undergoing some changes for the 2016-2017 school year. New guidelines and policies are being developed so the program will coordinate with students' chosen career majors and reflect expectations for all students going out to gain on-the-job experience. This is an excellent means for students to "get a feel" for possible future jobs.

Students who come to CCTC have counselors at their home schools who work with students on their schedules, keeps track of their graduation progress, and help in a variety of ways. If students need counseling services while at CCTC, they should see Mr. Plutschak in the main office. Because CCTC has its own counseling office, many times questions can be answered or situations rectified right at CCTC.

We had wonderful responses from the students throughout the 2015-2016 school year with the Character Counts initiative. Student held a fundraiser for an animal rescue service, contributed to the Adopt-A-Bear program over the holidays, wrote wonderful essays on the pillars of Character participated in surveys on respect, and were actively involved all year. Character Counts will continue to be a large part of CCTC.